Preserve Your LLC Status

Always keep yourself separate from your LLC, no matter how small or informal the business. Make sure that the LLC has its own bank account in the company name for LLC funds. Never use company funds for personal reasons. Document al transactions if you spend your own money on behalf of the corporation. This can […]

Choosing Your Best Business Type To Start

Many entrepreneurs have used their experience and training from prior employment to offer specialized services or products. Colleges offer training programs, which include business classes and industry specialized courses. Franchises might also offer training before or during the business start-up. A good understanding of business economics you are starting will increase your chances of success. […]

Gaining The Competitive Edge

Gaining a competitive advantage is a result of a combination of planning and actions based on your business’ market. They include defining your brand, knowing your competition, identifying your customer preferences, and understanding your personal preferences. However, knowing isn’t enough. You must go one step further, and write your strategy for gaining the advantage and […]

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